“We are INDIA’s First innovative educational technology platform” is an EdTech platform developing and Operating by NAVLIVE Inc (Incorporated as NAVLIVE EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD). MDB is having the Vision of balancing education with a practical life system. We believe only education alone has the power to change the future of the world, so we aim towards developing such an education system through technology and as well as traditional techniques. We are offering Programs and Practical Activities through our uniquely designed MDB Systems and Courses. MDB Provides a LIVE Platform to teach and learn anything (Academics and Non-Academics), anytime, and anywhere.

Mission and vission statement

Balancing Formal Education and Self-Education System
Providing a Platform: Where Education, knowledge, Creativity, and wisdom Meets the system of ACTION and REACTION
providing a System: where you can meet the World. (a system to build your own dreams)
Creating the right path through the right system for the right Passion.
To spread and Protect values and Ethics.
To Spread and Develop the importance of Education.
To spread Education about Humanities.


  • Dreams
  • Actions
  • Realities
  • Education